Our committed approach


MPO international: a strong commitment to CSR and sustainable development

Today, as the pace of change accelerates around the world, consumers are demanding more from the products and services they buy. It is vital to find solutions that encompass both social and environmental issues.

Committed to a sustainable production approach, MPO structures its missions and carries out each of its actions with the constant aim of protecting the planet and its people.

The three pillars of our approach

The Human

All aspects of social responsibility contribute to the quality of human relations. Year after year, MPO builds a more coherent social model for its employees.

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Territorial solidarity

We call our locality the region, and it’s made up of real faces, real expectations and real challenges!

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Respect for the environment

MPO is anchoring ecological issues at the heart of the company by developing a series of initiatives.

esprit d'équipe
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Our committed approach


MPO Ethics Charter

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Environmental report

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Our certifications

Certifications to meet sustainable commitments.