Beauty boxes

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Creation of beauty boxes

Gift boxes, beauty routines, discovery sets… Thanks to their rigidity and the many ways they can be opened, gift boxes are the ideal packaging for efficiently packaging your cosmetic products while enhancing their presentation.

With a flap or a drawer, let yourself be tempted by our different box models to show off your products to their best advantage and create a memorable unboxing experience.

Our selection of boxes

Lift off
lid box

made up of a box base and a lid that fits over the top.


made up of a can base and a lid delimited by a groove on the closure.


made up of two box bottoms with a drawer-type opening.


made up of a box base and a flap lid for closure.

with hinge

made up of a box base and a hinged lid, both joined by an internal hinge.


A single section folded in half to create a box base and lid.

Innovations and solutions for all your packaging needs

Our design teams specialising in eco-design can help you reduce the environmental footprint of your packaging. The eco-friendly beauty box !

Cardboard trays

Lightweight boxes

Paper windows

Paper sleeves

Cardboard packaging manufactured in our workshops

Rigid boxes
Flexible boxes

Reception &
Placing in stock

of your semi-finished products

Co-Packing & Storage

of your boxes with batch number marking and packing for dispatch


at your various points of sale or distribution centres

100% cardboard

From the box to the patented wedging system.

MPO offers plastic free solutions for your enclosures.

To help you design your beautybox...

Discover all our tips, tricks and tools for creating a box to match your ideas in our blog articles.