Blotters & Shop

Blotters – Shopping bags 

Gift card pouches – Sample cards

Enhance the customer experience with scent keys

A touch to smell or a beautifully finished sample card to embody the personality of your fragrance.

An original gift card box to encourage the pleasure of giving. A shopping bag or gift pouch in the image of your brand.

So many tools to give your points of sale a neat and differentiating touch.


The perfume card will reveal your sweetest fragrances.

Shopping bag &
Gift bag

This is the tool that completes your shopping experience.

Leave the perfect finishing touch with shopping bags or pouches that reflect your image.

Folding boxes &
Box gift card

Whether rigid or flexible, the case dedicated to your gift card is an essential item that needs to be looked after. Customised gift card case.


There’s nothing like a sample wrapped in a pretty card to show off your new products.

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