Packaging Video

Packaging expertise at the service of video.

Our range of video packaging

From cases to Digipacks, we offer a wide range of packaging formats to enhance your DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

Discover our different models here thanks to our achievements in the video market.

Our selection of boxes

DVD case

Classic format for a booklet of up to 24 pages, customisable right to the edge. Four-colour printing.

Thinpack DVD

or slim, slimbox. Boîtier DVD très mince, pour la simplicité et le gain de place.


In 2 or 3 sections.
Professional rendering for all your DVD creations.


Thinner and smaller than the DVD version.


Made in France


managing major launch campaigns

Supply Chain

integrated with mastering, vinyl pressing, packaging and logistics

Project management

complex with a single customer contact

Video packaging: more than just protection

Video packaging is often overlooked, even though it plays an important role in the customer experience. The packaging not only protects the DVD, but also enhances the content.

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