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Entrust us with your logistics, focus on your sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The logistical choices you make for your online business are just as crucial and strategic as the quality of your products, the customer experience and the long term.

Optimized e-commerce logistics help your online business grow sales.

A simple, multi-channel offering to manage

optimize all logistics flows.

Dedicated contact

and a specialized team to manage all flows and advise you


with your management tool and e-boutiques

20 000 m2

dedicated to distribution operations

Storage, kitting, parcel preparation, shipping

by selected carriers

A single interface to manage your business

Connect your e-commerce store to retrieve orders, check stock levels and track shipments.

Our SAAS platform lets you manage your entire business.
This solution can be interfaced with most e-commerce CMS.

Simple, competitive rates

Our prices vary according to the size of your products and the complexity of your order preparation. They are degressive according to the volume of orders dispatched each month.

These rates are drawn up in advance of our partnership, so you can easily calculate the cost of your logistics.

So there are no surprises, and your cost structure is transparent.


Receiving goods

We receive your goods in our warehouses, in cartons or pallets, and can handle any type of product. Our logistics warehouses are equipped with loading and unloading bays for heavy-duty trucks.



Our teams select your products from stock for order preparation.


Order dispatch

Your merchandise is delivered via our partner carriers in France and worldwide, with different levels of service adapted to your needs.


Storage in our warehouses

We have logistics centers in Le Mans and Villaines la Juhel, less than 3 hours from Paris. These are equipped with all the modern facilities you need to optimize your e-commerce logistics.



Single or multi-product order preparation, in packages or bags. Order traceability thanks to dedicated labeling.


Managing your returns

Returns management and after-sales service with verification of returned products in our warehouses and the possibility of returning goods as quickly as possible.

Fast, reliable shipping
via a wide network of carriers

Home delivery or drop-off, give your customers the option of choosing the delivery method that suits them best.

Influencer logistics

An integrated offer to design, pack and route boxes and parcels for influencers and press relations.

  • unitary protection of sensitive items
  • unit element customization
  • packaging with tissue paper, padding, ribbons
  • multiple reference management

Monthly box logistics

An integrated offer for kitting and co-packing your subscription boxes.

  • reception of products in secure areas and inventory traceability
  • inkjet marking
  • unit serialization possible
  • on-call delivery
  • one-to-one shipment via our partners


Beauty Business Company


Global project management
Design - Manufacturing
Sourcing - Co-Packing

Distribution BtoB cosmetic care.

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