Beauty boxes

Printing - Shaping - Assembly - Co-packing



From the simplest to the most sophisticated,
in small, medium or large production runs,
the box is the perfect packaging.

Gift boxes, beauty routines, discovery sets... Thanks to their rigidity and numerous opening possibilities, gift boxes are the ideal packaging for efficiently package your cosmetics while enhancing their presentation. 

With flap or drawer, let yourself be tempted by our different box models for a meticulous presentation of your products and a memorable unboxing experience.  

Lift Off lid box

Shoulder box

Drawer box

Flap box

Box with hinge

Clamshell box

Lift Off lid box

Composed of a box base and a lid that fits over the top.

Shoulder box

Composed of a can bottom and a lid delimited by a groove on the closure.

Drawer box

Composed of two box bottoms with a drawer-type opening.

Flap box

Composed of a box base and a flap lid for closure.

In-house cardboard packaging production

Rigid boxes
Flexible boxes

Receiving & Stocking

of your semi-finished products

Co-Packing & Storage

of your
boxes with lot number marking
and packing for shipment


at your
point-of-sale or
distribution center

Hinged case

Composed of a box base and a hinged lid, both joined by an inner hinge.

Clamshell box

A single section folded in half to create a box base and lid.

All our box designs


at the heart of your creations

Innovations and solutions
for all your packaging needs

Our specialized eco-design teams can help you reduce the environmental footprint of your packaging.

- reduce weight and volume
- eliminate plastic
- use recycled and recyclable materials

100% cardboard solutions

From the box to the patented tray system,

MPO offers plastic-free solutions for your boxes

They trust us

Brand BDK
Chanel Brand
Breathe brand
Manucurist brand
L'Oréal brand
Clarins Brand
Christophe Robin brand
My Little Box brand

FSC® certification

By choosing our FSC®-certified packaging, you support responsible forest management worldwide. Our FSC®-certified products are available on request.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Recognized quality management system


For more environmentally-friendly printing

EcoVadis Silver 2023

Measuring environmental, social and ethical impact according to CSR principles.


French graphic design know-how recognized for quality and excellence

AB - Agriculture Biologique

Suitability for co-packing organic products European Union

Cosmos Organic - Natural

Ability to co-pack organic or natural products in EUROPE

Living Heritage Company

Recognized craftsmanship

Our certifications

Certifications to meet sustainable commitments


Made in France
or Made in Europe


to manage large
launch campaigns

Supply Chain

integrated with
co-packing and logistics services

Average series

with short lead times

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