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MPO international - Packaging manufacturer in France

A French industrial group with an international dimension, MPO designs, produces, dresses and distributes emotionally charged objects created by brands and designers for the Entertainment, Beauty and fine food markets.

Our mission

To act as a privileged link between brands that want to bring their creations to life, and consumers who are looking for a sensitive experience.

Our vision

The physical object is the medium for an individualised relationship between a brand and a consumer.

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630 employees in Europe at your service to bring your creations to life

FRANCE - Villaines la Juhel

– Optical disc and vinyl manufacturing
– Printing & Finishing

FRANCE - Le Mans

– Engineering & Design Office
– Manufacturing Packaging & Co-packing
– Distribution Platform

SPAIN - Madrid

– Research and design unit
– Packaging & POS manufacturing
– Co-Packing
– Distribution Platform
– Point-of-sale installation teams

A history driven
by passion


The beginning of creation

MPO was founded in 1957 with vinyl as its core business. Monique and Pierre De Poix set up MPO in the heart of the Mayenne region. With four employees, the company specialised in the production of the first 45s. The following year, MPO’s success grew with the appearance of the “33 rpm”.


The success of MPO

In the 1980s, MPO’s culture of innovation led the group to manufacture new media such as CDs. The success was immediate and complete. The company then expanded internationally, into Spain and Germany. Its influence will extend as far as America and Asia!



The arrival of DVD

The end of the 90s saw the arrival of DVD. After music, MPO moved into the world of film and video.
Once again a pioneer, MPO owes this innovation to the renewed efforts of its R&D team.


Logistics at MPO

Alongside publishers and labels, MPO is responding to an ever-increasing demand for services.
The early 2000s saw the development of the logistics business. Storage, dispatch and delivery to retail outlets and private customers… MPO is becoming a true service platform.


Packaging development

In 2010, MPO will be making the big move into packaging.
From the simple sleeve, the band offers superb packaging with meticulous finishing touches. What’s more, it has made the collector’s box its trademark!


Opening up to new markets

The development of the packaging business has enabled the Group to expand into new markets such as Beauty and Fine Food. Folding boxes, boxes, blotters and advent calendars… cardboard holds no secrets for MPO!


A complete creation and service

With its comprehensive 360° offering, MPO now provides a creative and agile solution for publishers, labels, brands and distributors. From major brands to independent labels and developing brands, MPO works with every customer to ensure their creative success.

Values rooted in our daily lives

Team spirit

Together and with you, we work every day to bring your projects to life.

Our mixed teams include managers, experts, technicians and operators from all over the world.

esprit d'équipe

A culture of innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind our development, and for us it means

– continuous improvement of a manufacturing process

– thinking about the solution that will improve your relationship with your customers

– imagining the next service that will provide our customers with an integrated solution

travail en équipe autour d'un bureau
esprit d'équipe

Responsibility & Transparency

At MPO, transparency means telling each other things, being factual in order to build a lasting partnership.
That’s what has driven the commitment and passion of the men and women at MPO for over 60 years.

Deux collègues qui échangent au travail en souriant

Meaning of result

Meeting deadlines, responsiveness, quality… Your satisfaction is our priority!
Every day, we ensure that your projects are carried out successfully, in accordance with your requirements.

démarche engagée

A 360° global solution

Total management of your project


Design office
Staging projects


DVD / Blu-Ray

Printing & Finishing

Offset & Digital Printing
Hot stamping
Varnish embossing


Folding & Gluing
Assembly of enclosures


Assembly and packaging of multiple components
Traceability systems


Logistics B2B – B2C – D2C
Setting up and running sales outlets