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Vinyle l'impératrice

Vinyl manufacturing

The beauty and purity of sound in a single product.

Vinyl is the object that has punctuated the history of music and that of MPO since its creation.

Building on its long-standing expertise, MPO can help you with everything from mastering to distribution of your vinyl records.

A 100% integrated solution

Vinyl manufacture


your audio files


of your vinyl records


from design to manufacture


and packaging of your vinyl

Storage & shipping

at your various points of sale or distribution centres

Pressage vinyle

A history driven by passion

Founded in 1957 by Pierre and Monique de Poix, MPO started out as a family business specialising in the production of vinyl records.

With just four employees, the company devoted itself to making the first 45s and then 33s.

Over the years, driven by a passion for objects, the company has maintained its activity, enabling it to maintain its know-how.

Today, MPO presses tens of thousands of vinyl records every day, much to the delight of audiophiles everywhere.

Create a vinyl
black  coloured  marbled

We offer a wide range of shapes, colours and formats for your vinyl.

From classic black vinyl to coloured models and the most creative effects,
each option is available in 7” (17.5 cm), 10” (25 cm) and 12” (30 cm) formats.

All the colours for which we have a permanent stock of material.

All colours for which we have a limited stock.

Give your vinyl a marbled effect that will make each of your copies unique.

Add some sparkle to your vinyl for a colourful result.

Let the light in on your vinyl by playing with transparency.

Put your own stamp on your vinyl by engraving it on one side.

Print your vinyls with a touch of screen printing on one side.

Our vinyl labels

to highlight the names of the artists and their creations.


30cm - 12cm
Diameter 100mm


25cm - 10cm
Diameter 100mm


17,5cm - 7cm
Diameter 84mm

Discover recycled
vinyl !

Eco Vinyl is a disc made from recycled materials recovered from our production line in Villaines-La-Juhel.

Reducing the amount of plastic used, this innovative solution gives each disc a unique colour based on materials available at the time.

Looking for packaging
for your vinyl?

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