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“Your creations arouse emotion and are part of an artistic, aesthetic and cultural universe”.

MPO brings your entertainment packaging to life

For over 60 years, MPO has been the preferred partner of labels and publishers.

An industrial strike force combined with technical know-how to constantly materialise the experience imagined by the designers.

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Vinyl sleeves

Packaging to enhance the beauty of your vinyl and share your world. Discobags, sleeves or gatefolds… discover our different models.

Our audio packaging

Jewelbox, Digipack or Slimbox… MPO offers you a wide range of packaging options to showcase your records and the world of your artists.

Discover our different models thanks to our achievements in the music market.

Managing your projects from A to Z

MPO’s experience has given it the ability to handle 360° projects.

Technical challenges, selection and sourcing of materials and accessories for the packaging project, not forgetting the logistics!


Made in France
or Made in Europe


managing major launch campaigns

Supply Chain

integrated with co-packing and logistics services

Average series

with a deadline
short production times

Video packaging

From cases to Digipacks, we offer a range of packaging formats to enhance your DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

Discover our different models thanks to our achievements in the video market.

Our boxes

The solution for easily grouping several products in a single package and communicating them in the best possible way.

In a variety of formats, materials and prints, our teams can help you create an original grouping box.

Our collector's boxes

Produced in limited numbers, the collector’s box set is an excellent promotional tool for offering exclusivity.

It can hold CDs, DVDs, vinyl records or merchandising, and its shape and finish can be adapted to suit your needs and desires, for results that are always luxurious.

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