Innovations & Solutions

to meet environmental challenges


Ecological packaging: a response to environmental challenges

To ensure that our ambitions are put into practice, our teams of specialists are redoubling their efforts to offer you alternative ecological solutions for your projects.

Discover MPO France’s commitment to the environment with our eco-responsible packaging. Combining quality and durability, our solutions meet your needs while protecting our planet. Choose a greener future with MPO France!

More responsible raw materials

FSC-certified paper and board

MPO guarantees the traceability of your FSC®-certified media.
FSC® certification guarantees responsible forest management.

Recycled structural board

MPO has a structural board made from MPO's paper and cardboard waste. Thanks to a partner located less than 100 km from our Le Mans site, MPO now has access to a short-circuit recycled rigid cardboard.

Recycled PVC

Thanks to our vinyl manufacturing flow, PVC material is recycled in three ways:
- automatic re-injection
- recycling into Eco-vinyl
- recycling through an external channel

Vegetable inks

Obtained from organic compounds derived from plants, vegetable-based ink is biodegradable and contains fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

What is FSC® certification?

FSC® certification is an international label guaranteeing that wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests. MPO International is committed to offering FSC®-certified products, thereby helping to preserve the world’s forest resources. By choosing FSC®-certified products, you are helping to protect forests and promote responsible forest management. This certification demonstrates our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Innovations et solutions
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100% plastic-free cushioning systems

cardboard tray

Made from recycled cardboard from our waste paper and industrial cardboard. All this, thanks to a partner located less than 100km from MPO for a short circuit solution.

Folded Corrugated
cardboard tray

The U-shaped folding principle enables different product formats to be accommodated.
The only constraints are product alignment and weight.

Layered Corrugated
cardboard tray

The principle of stacking layers ensure a perfect products support and a perfect adaptability for the multi-products packagings having different formats and requiring a very random positioning in the inlay.

Paper pulp

The Paper pulp inlay is obtained by a process of hot pressing of the paper putty in a mould. This putty is made of recycled cardboard and virgin sugarcane and bamboo fibres. Its appearance can range from the most authentic brown version to the most premium version with a smooth white appearance.

Lean box concepts

Depending on your criteria of solidity, environmental impact, price, origin of the material and aesthetic appearance, we can provide you with the best solution for your products.

Rigid recycled cardboard box

Weight P
Made in France
Recycled in a short circuit

Corrugated cardboard box

P – 30% weight
Made in France

Lightweight rigid cardboard box

P – 40% weight
Made in Europe

Noir Couleur

Our recycled vinyl

Our recycled vinyl is made from surplus pressings and production scraps. The material is crushed and reprocessed in-house. A closed circuit that guarantees eco-responsible, 100% recycled vinyl.

Two possible versions: Black or Colour

pochette d'eco vinyl Sepultura

100% cardboard

From the box to the patented wedging system.

MPO offers plastic free solutions for your enclosures

etui en carton recyclé

Recycled cardboard case

50% or 100% recycled fibre

Etui en carton upcyclé

Upcycled cardboard folding boxes

made from sugar cane fibre, flax and hemp.

étui en carton Ho Karan

Upcycled cardboard folding boxes

made from 100% hemp pulp