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A committed approach to eco-friendly packaging

The primary aim of an eco-design approach is to reduce the environmental impact of a product or service. It also stimulates research and gives meaning to innovation. The idea is to do better with less, while maintaining product performance.

MPO is committed to ever more functional and responsible solutions.
As part of our ongoing search for sustainable alternatives, we take into account the entire life cycle of the products we create.

A comprehensive eco-design approach that meets your priorities


Reduce the weight and volume of your packaging. Reduce the distance between partners by opting for short circuits


Favouring recycled materials. Improve the recyclability of your projects with single-material concepts


Preserve natural resources by choosing materials that can be FSC® certified. Minimising the use of plastic


Propose concepts that take into account the second life of the product

Taking into account the life cycle of each of our products

Eco-design is a way of approaching the development of a product from the point of view of its entire life cycle and the circular economy. This is the key to good eco-friendly packaging.

From the choice of materials to manufacturing methods, distribution and the end-of-life of your products, every stage can help to reduce your ecological footprint.

Make the responsible choice, make the MPO choice, for eco responsible packaging.