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Our dedicated logistics service for professionals

MPO has a dedicated BtoB platform optimised for managing the flows of companies with large volumes of mail.

Experts in the logistics sector, our mastery of the supply chain enables us to offer you complete, tailor-made solutions, integrating the management of your supplies, your storage levels, order preparation, distribution and delivery in France and abroad.

You don’t need a logistics department, just MPO!

Whatever your logistical needs or activity,
our teams can meet your requirements.


of your products, in cartons or pallets, we can handle any type of product.


in our warehouses on pallets retail mass storage


at one or more delivery points

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Cross-docking refers to a method of organising order preparation in which goods are distributed directly to the end consumer without going through a storage period.

icone cross docking

Unloading area
Unloading – sorting – reloading

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Receiving goods

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Shipment of goods

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MPO Logistics Centre

Control over your stocks

Via our online stock management software

Scalable storage solutions

according to your needs

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