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To bring your musical projects to life, MPO can help you produce your audio CDs.

Thanks to our integrated offer, we can provide you with a solution ranging from the processing of your audio files to the distribution of your discs at the point of sale.

A 100% integrated solution


your audio files


of your CDs


from design to manufacture


and packaging of your CDs

Storage & shipping

at your various points of sale or distribution centres

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Quality and service come first

Since the birth of the CD in 1982, MPO has been one of the leading manufacturers in France.

For over 30 years, this passion has been as strong as ever, characterised by a focus on quality and customer service.

Our sales team is at your disposal throughout your project, to manage your discs efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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Project management

Handling complex projects with a single customer interface.


A design department dedicated to bringing your projects to life.

Dedicated team

flow management between our factories and our sourcing partners via our logistics platforms

Integrated supply chain

CD pressing / Packaging / Logistics

CD Audio Bigflo & Oli


1 of 4

Poster & planche de stickers

2 of 4

Étui souple

3 of 4

Digipack format DVD avec couverture rigide

4 of 4

Bigflo & Oli

A splendid single-box set including merchandising and, of course, the precious CD.

Overall project management
Design – Manufacturing – Sourcing – Co-Packing

Looking for packaging
for your CD?


Classic audio format. Customisable from spine to edge, can hold a booklet of up to 24 pages.


More modern CD and DVD packaging made from rigid cardboard and available in 2 or 3 parts.


Similar to a Digipack, with no tray and a CD that slips into the sleeve like vinyl.


A beautiful box to bring together your most beautiful works.

Special projects

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