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“Your creations arouse emotion and are part of an artistic, aesthetic and cultural universe.”

Cosmetics packaging manufacturer

The beauty products distributed by the major brands carry an image of dreams and the promise of a memorable experience that MPO’s expertise helps to magnify.

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Beauty boxes

From the simplest to the most sophisticated, in small, medium or large production runs, the box is the packaging par excellence. MPO is the benchmark for luxury cosmetics packaging.

Our collection of folding boxes

From simple boxes to famous crackers and casseroles, the case is the benchmark packaging for dressing up and presenting your cosmetics.

Managing your projects from A to Z

MPO’s experience has granted it the ability to handle 360° projects.

Technical challenges, selection and sourcing of materials and accessories for the packaging project, not forgetting the logistics !

Entrust us with the creation of your cosmetic packaging.


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managing major launch campaigns

Supply Chain

integrated with co-packing and logistics services

Average series

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short production times

Advent calendars

The Advent calendar is a must-have for the festive season. Whether it’s a marketing tool or a brand image tool, it will be the key to the success of your promotional campaigns.

To ensure the success of your visuals, call on a reliable cosmetics packaging manufacturer.

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PLV Zadig & Voltaire


POS advertising and graphics are essential to any brand’s visual identity.

And with good reason: consumers make up to 70% of their purchasing decisions at the point of sale.

For a product launch or any other promotional event, MPO can help you maximise your in-store visibility with eye-catching POP displays.

Blotters & Shop

A blotters or a beautifully finished sample card to embody the personality of your fragrance.

An original gift card folding boxes to encourage the pleasure of giving.

A shopping bag or gift pouch in your brand’s image.

These are just some of the tools you can use to give your points of sale a polished, distinctive touch.

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