Fine Food folding boxes

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Our selection of cardboard folding boxes for fine food products

From a simple folding box to a heat-marked cracker, our packaging expertise can help you emphasise the quality and delicacy of your fine food products.

Our selection of folding boxes

Folding boxes
with retractable legs

The tabbed case is made up of a cardboard structure that can be closed with tabs. A very popular format on shelves, the box has two types of opening: one with opposing tabs and the second with alternating tabs.

Case with
automatic and
semi-automatic bottom

The advantage of the automatic bottom carton is that it can be filled by hand quickly and efficiently. It is in fact the easiest and quickest carton to fill. This type of carton is ideal for heavy products such as bottles of wine or spirits.

folding box

Cardboard folding boxes give you a box effect at a lower cost. They can be delivered flat with simple assembly, in 1 or 2 pieces depending on the model. They offer an economical packaging solution that’s easy to store.

folding boxes

In a casserole, cracker or berlingot, the case comes in new formats that are as creative as they are surprising.

Innovations and solutions for all your packaging needs

Our design teams specialising in eco-design can help you reduce the environmental footprint of your packaging.

Cardboard wedges

Lightweight folding boxes

Paper windows

Paper sleeves


of your products


playful designs mock-ups in white eco-design


in France in our workshops


screen printing hot stamping embossing and laminating

100% cardboard

From the box to the patented wedging system.

MPO offers plastic free solutions for your enclosures.

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