Embark on a culinary voyage with the getvoila Advent calendar

calendrier de l'avent vert foncé

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calendrier de l'avent vert foncé

MPO is delighted to announce its collaboration with Getvoila, a German specialist in home delivery of unique gift boxes from top chefs and restaurants. For the festive season, MPO has designed an extraordinary Advent calendar that promises to take you on a delicious journey through culinary treasures.

Packaging du calendrier de l'avent fermé avec un noeud
Zoom sur les cases du calendrier de l'avent Getvoila
Calendrier de l'avent épicerie fine

“This calendar is no ordinary calendar; it’s a celebration of flavours and a showcase of Europe’s most renowned restaurants. Every day in December, a door opens to reveal gourmet surprises, right up to the spectacular climax on New Year’s Eve. The calendar is not just a collection of delicious treats, it’s also a work of art, with a superb rigid design adorned with a ribbon and touches of gold.

What sets this Advent calendar apart is MPO’s meticulous attention to detail in its creation. Each calendar consists of 25 cases, each containing a gastronomic surprise that will enhance your culinary experience. MPO managed every aspect of this project, from design to production and co-packing, ensuring that every element reflected a commitment to quality and excellence.

Join us on this festive journey and enhance your Christmas celebrations with the Getvoila Advent Calendar. Unwrap the magic of gourmet surprises and let yourself be seduced by the joy of the season!

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