Which model of box for my product?

coffret noir et doré

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coffret noir et doré

“Whether you’re looking for a Lift off lid box, shoulder box or Clamshell box, it’s often difficult to find the ideal box for your product. MPO takes a closer look at the subject.

Here’s a brief overview of the different models available, and their advantages and disadvantages.”

Clamshell box

This model consists of a box base and lid in one and the same part. Simple, practical and sturdy, the clamshell box guarantees both easy closure and safe transport thanks to its combined base and lid.

This is why they are commonly used in boxes and discovery boxes.

coffret monocuvette blanc
coffret en cloche bleu marine et blanc

The Lift off lid box

This fairly classic type of box consists of a base and a lid that can be fitted together.

Simple and elegant, the Lift off lid box comes in a variety of shapes (square, rectangular, etc.) and can be customised without limit. Its flexibility means it can be used for all kinds of markets.

The drawer box

The drawer box: this is a box comprising a single rigid box and a drawer.

Both sober and elegant, the drawer box makes it easy to open while enhancing the products.

coffret tirroir de couleur jaune
coffet noir & blanc à charnière

Box with hinge

Unlike the Lift off lid box, where the base and lid are 2 separate elements, thebox with hinge has these two elements linked by a metal system.

This allows the box to be opened and closed. Synonymous with prestige, this type of box is typical of top-of-the-range or luxury products.

It is commonly found in the Wines and Spirits sector, as it allows products to be transported properly and securely, while at the same time enhancing their presentation.

The flap box

This type of box has a base and a flap lid that are attached. Once the flap is folded down, the box can be kept closed while remaining elegant thanks to a system of magnets or ribbons.

A guarantee of quality, the flap case is distinguished from other models by the characteristic sound of its closure, guaranteeing a good hold while giving a top-of-the-range appearance.

coffret beauté à flap
coffret à gorge avec noeud

The shoulder box

Similar to the lift off lid box, the grooved box has a base and a lid which, when closed, are held in place by a groove.

The size, colour and effect applied to the groove depend on the desired aesthetic effect.

Elegant and sophisticated, this type of box is generally preferred for products with high added value or belonging to the luxury sectors, such as jewellery, cosmetics or perfumery.

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