How do you choose the right box for your product?

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Box packaging is a crucial element in the protection, presentation and promotion of your product. It must meet the specific needs of your product while reinforcing your brand image. Here is a detailed guide to help you choose the ideal box for your product.

Understanding your product needs

Every product has unique requirements in terms of protection and presentation. Understanding these needs is the first step in choosing the right packaging.


Fragile products require reinforced packaging to prevent damage during transport. Solutions include the use of corrugated cardboard or boxes with protective inserts. The inserts can be made of foam, cardboard or recycled plastic, and are designed to hold the product in place and absorb shocks.


Make sure the box is adapted to the shape and size of your product to avoid any movement inside. Packaging that is too large can waste materials and increase transport costs. On the other hand, packaging that is too small may not offer adequate prote


Some products, such as foodstuffs or cosmetics, can be sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. In these cases, it is crucial to choose a packaging material that offers protection against these elements, such as boxes with special coatings.

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Select the right material

The choice of material is crucial to the protection, appearance and durability of your packaging.


Corrugated packaging is not only lightweight and robust, it also offers great flexibility in terms of design. For example, it can be easily cut and folded to fit unique product shapes, making it ideal for custom packaging boxes. In addition, there are several types of corrugated packaging (single, double and triple flute) that offer different levels of protection depending on the weight and fragility of the product.

Rigid cardboard packaging

Rigid board packaging can also be combined with luxury finishes such as embossing, debossing or special textures for an enhanced tactile effect. This not only gives the product a premium appearance, but also enhances theuser experience.

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Design and aesthetics

The design of your box should reflect your brand identity and attract the attention of consumers.

Colours and patterns

Colours and patterns play a crucial role in the visual appeal of your product packaging. Use eye-catching colours and designs that reflect your brand image


Finishes such as matt or gloss varnish, embossing or embossing can add a touch of sophistication to your packaging. These techniques can highlight specific design elements, such as the brand logo, and enhance the box’s tactile appeal.

Illustrations and typography

Illustrations and typography must be carefully chosen to communicate your brand values effectively. Elegant typography and well-designed illustrations can make your product more attractive and memorable.

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Functional and practical

Good packaging must be practical and easy for consumers to use.

Closing and opening

Make sure the box is easy to open and close, without compromising safety. Closure systems should be intuitive and allow easy opening without tools. Magnetic closures, adhesive flaps and tear tabs are popular options.

Compartments and inserts

For multiple products or sets, integrating compartments or inserts can improve organisation and presentation. This keeps each element in place and provides a pleasant unpacking experience for the consume


Portability is another important aspect to consider, especially for products intended to be carried frequently by consumers. Integrated handles or compact designs can make transport easier.

Sustainable and ecological

These days, consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of packaging. Opting for sustainable solutions can not only help the environment, but also improve your brand’s image.


As with our vinyl, opt for recycled or recyclable materials for your packaging. It’s a simple gesture for the planet that can make all the difference! Find out more in our latest article on the subject! Did you know? Using recycled cardboard or plastic can considerably reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging. Don’t forget to check that the materials you choose can be recycled after use.


Eco-design involves minimising the use of materials and reducing waste while maintaining the functionality and visual appeal of your box. This can include foldable or stackable designs to optimise transport and storage space.

Reducing waste

Reduce the use of superfluous materials and favour minimalist designs. For example, avoid excessive packaging and unnecessary layers of protection. Less material used means less waste generated.


Look for certifications and eco-labels for your packaging materials. Labels such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for cardboard or the OK Compost label for biodegradable plastics can guarantee that your packaging meets high environmental standards.

Case study: The Detroit Collector's Box Set by MPO International

Challenges and solutions

  • Design and aesthetics: MPO International worked with the creators of the Detroit collector’s box to design packaging that was not only functional but also visually appealing. The box had to reflect the brand’s identity and offer a memorable unboxing experience. MPO used high-end finishes such as embossing and gloss varnish to add a touch of sophistication.
  • Protection and security: As the box contains valuable items such as vinyl and memorabilia, MPO has incorporated foam inserts and customised compartments to ensure that each item stays in place and is protected from shock and vibration during transit.
  • Sustainable materials: In order to reduce the environmental footprint, MPO has chosen recyclable materials for the box. The cardboard used is FSC-certified, ensuring that it comes from responsibly managed sources.


  • Customer satisfaction: The Detroit collector’s box has been very well received by fans and collectors, receiving praise for its build quality and innovative design. This not only reinforced the Detroit brand image, but also demonstrated MPO’s commitment to packaging excellence.
  • Reduced environmental impact: By using recycled materials and sustainable production techniques, MPO was able to minimise the environmental impact of this project, while creating a high quality product.
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Choosing the right box design for your product is a complex process that requires a number of factors to be taken into account.

By understanding the specific needs of your product, choosing the right material, creating an aesthetic and functional design, and opting for sustainable solutions, you can create packaging that protects your product, attracts consumers and reinforces your brand image.

Find out how MPO International can help you choose and create the ideal packaging for your product. Discover all our packaging advice on our page. With their expertise in design and materials, MPO International can help you create packaging that perfectly meets your needs and those of your customers.


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